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From the Vale to the Veldt

The Yorkshire market town of Easingwold and its contribution to the Boer War

Synopsis: From the Vale to the Veldt, by noted historian Dr A J Peacock, offers a fascinating insight into the sometimes turbulent social history of Easingwold at the turn of the 20th century, illuminating the society that these men left, and then following them to the very different frontier world of colonial South Africa, examining the (Boer War) war itself and the individual rôle played by these Yorkshire soldiers in an age when war was still considered to be a great adventure. With contributions from Charles Whiting noted author with over 350 published titles to his name.

The Boer War (1899-1902) was the last great imperial conflict of Queen Victoria’s reign, and the last major campaign conducted by the British Army before the First World War. For the country at large it lacked some of the immediacy of the latter conflict, being fought in distant South Africa by volunteers. For those involved, however, it was very real indeed, and many communities were affected, including Easingwold, which contributed a number of its sons and daughters to the defence of the Empire.

In Stock - Available Now - Colour pages throughout - Original Maps and sketches from the Boer War - Hardback book containing 383 pages, packed with photos & illustrations.

ISBN 10: 0 904775 40 2

ISBN 13: 978 0 904775 40 2

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