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Jonathan Del Mar
ISBN 978-1-5262-0732-6
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This book is the sequel to Les Newall's authoritative History of Motor Vehicle
Registration in the United Kingdom (1999), which detailed every registration
mark and series issued up to 1963.

Motor Vehicle Registration Numbers of Great Britain 1963-1974 is the
complete compendium of all the original registration numbers issued in the years
1963-1974, an era dominated by some of the best-loved British classic cars such
as the Morris Minor, the Triumph Herald, and the Jaguar E-type. Also listed in
full are all re-registrations (age-related numbers) issued to pre-1974 vehicles up
to the present day, thus marking clearly the distinction between those original
numbers that were issued when the vehicle was new, and the many newer,
replacement series issued to those vehicles in subsequent years up to the present.

Tabulated clearly, county by county, city by city, burgh by burgh, and
accompanied by over 300 full colour photographs, Motor Vehicle Registration
Numbers of Great Britain 1963-1974 is the essential guide for the classic car
owner who wants to know about the origins and authenticity of his vehicle's
registration number.

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