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The British registration system was introduced under the Motor Car Act 1903. John Harrison, an acknowledged expert on the subject, has written about the system’s history and the different sorts of number plates such as personal plates, trade plates and diplomatic ones issued. Also included is a chapter advising those who want their own personal plate how best to obtain one. This is an example of an interesting story found within it:

Nowadays it is not unusual for a celebrity to have a personal plate. The first to have one is thought to have been the famous music hall comedian, Harry Tate, who had T 8. It might be thought the paparazzi is a modern phenomenon. In 1935, however, Tate’s car was followed by two journalists who recognised its T 8 number plate. They realised he was driving erratically and signalled a police car. Mr Tate was charged with drunk driving and dangerous driving. He was acquitted on the first charge, but fined for driving dangerously.

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