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German Heroes on the Somme

In 1916, very shortly after the start of the Battle of the Somme started, the British produced a feature length film of the first days, which proved to be an immense success - worldwide. The Germans realised that they had missed out and, belatedly, produced a Somme film of their own. It gets some critical attention in M. Paris's book on the cinema and World War One. This booklet - Bei Unseren Helden and der Somme - was issued to accompany and publicise the film with text by one Hans Brennert. It is printed in three columns, in three languages (German, French, English) and there are many frames from the film. A short comment on the back page draws attention to the booklet's impressive cover design likening it to 'latter-day Nazi poster art'. This was a very rare item indeed until recently.

ISBN 10: 0 904775 15 1

ISBN 13: 978 0 904775 15 0

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