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Easingwold Memories of Yesteryear


A volume of photographs taken – mostly in 1905 – by William Hayes of York. The photographs are mainly of buildings and generations of ex-students will be fascinated by that of the Grammar School, Easingwold; a flimsy wooden shed which nevertheless served the locals well (or so it is hoped). Railway enthusiasts will find illustrations much to their liking and on one page depicting Long Street appears Billy Sweep, no less. Who was he? Let the caption speak for itself: “Man on the right, ‘Billy Sweep’, a celebrated Easingwold character. A converted heavy drinker he became a devout member of the Salvation Army and instead of alcohol, consumed vast quantities of sugar.” The history of Britain is full of characters like Billy Sweep but who would swap what W C Fields called “Old Nick’s Brew” for sugar? This is a delightful evocative volume with the G H Smith featuring prominently (and quite right too). A superb photograph of a place not likely to have commended itself to Billy Sweep is one of Trevelyan’s Temperance Hotel (well it might have done after old Sweep was reformed). The shop assistants, the bicycles, the trailer, are all redolent of Edwardian England.

ISBN 10: 0 904775 10 0

ISBN 13: 978 0 904775 10 5

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