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George Hudson 1800 - 1871. The Railway King Volume 2 Book by Dr


Synopsis: Volume 2 of an indepth Study of one of the greatest Victorian Characters who helped bring the Railways to York and later became known for notorious financial scandals, George Hudson "The Railway King", concludes with his fall from grace, exile and his eventual death in1871.

Continuing the story of George Hudson’s tumultuous life, Volume 2 begins with his election to Parliament as Member for Sunderland in 1845, and traces a political career which was to last 14 years. During that period, however, the financial scandals with which Hudson’s name will always be associated, and which are examined here in some depth, became public knowledge, leading to his European exile when he finally lost Parliamentary immunity in 1859. Although he returned to Britain in the 1860’s his last years were a pale shadow of his previous life. But, as is argued here, his lasting legacy was far greater than could have been expected if Hudson had been nothing more than a corrupt businessman and self-serving politician.

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