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Martial Annals of the City of York

Researchers into the history of York will, undoubtedly, have seen Caesar Caine’s Martial Annals referred to frequently and approvingly. Caesar proudly announced that he was “Formerly AC to HM Troops, York Garrison” and FRGS. His work was published “with the approval of the Major General, Commanding the North-Eastern Military District”. It first saw the light of day in 1898 and was reprinted by G H Smith and Son almost a century later (in 1992). Caine took a broad brush approach to his subject (which has 60 illustrations) and the first of his chapters is titled “The Roman Period, 50-426” and the last (the ninth) “The Hanoverian period, from 1714”. A glance at Caine’s references makes it immediately clear that his work is based on secondary sources (though he does refer to some primary material) and from these secondary sources he has selected many amusing anecdotes and stories. He has provided students with a splendid introduction to the story of York as a military centre. This edition of his work is beautifully produced.

ISBN 10: 0 904775 13 5

ISBN 13: 978 0 904775 13 6

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