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Zonnebeke 28 NE1 (Ypres Salient) Edition 7A

Another 1:10,000 scale map with trenches corrected to 8 September, 1917. This one is almost completely of a German area with the British lines around Frezenburg, (from Pommern Castle to the Rectory below the Ypres/Passchendaele Road). We have also included a map of the Passchendaele area in this collection after that place fell to the Allies. This one details the area over which the Allies had to progress with the Langemarck Gheluvelt Line behind the defences at Beck House and with the Bremen and Zonnebeke Redoubts as formidable features. Note the huge number of dugouts. These are indicated by a small red square and many of them have the capital letter C beside them. This could mean concrete but the reference table does not say (a similar square with and L means Listening Post). Note how the British and German lines frequently abut each other. Between Pommern Castle and Low Farm a section of the British front is continued by German lines that are indicated as being extremely strong. The defences around Passchendaele are very slight. Many people will be fascinated to look at the area where the famous Tynecot cemetery is now.

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