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Zillebeke 28 N.W. 4 & N.E. 3 (parts of) Ed 3E

8B. ZILLEBEKE 28 NW and NE3 (parts of) Scale of 1:10,000 with the situation as at 30, June, 1917. This map is probably the most attractive, visually, of those produced by G H Smith and Son. The ‘German’ woods are coloured in green, most of the main trench lines are shaded in the way used to indicate extensive shell damage and many of the major German trenches are ‘coloured’ with heavy green lines. It covers an area from Ypres to Polygone de Zonnebeke and from Bellewaarde Ridge (more or less) to Battle Wood. The famous Menin Road runs across the map past the White Chateau, Hellfire Corner, the Birr crossroads, Hooge and beyond. The British line, then, was to the west of Hooge. Note the large number of mine craters (both German and British) below the railway line and above the Menin Road (in the area of Railway Wood). This map will prove to be amongst the most popular in this catalogue. Just below the area is where the first flame thrower attack was made

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